Cheap Grasshopper Mowers

Grasshopper mowers are manufactured by Kansas based Grasshopper Company. It is one of the family owned businesses. The company produces both front mount and mid mount mowers. These are zero turn lawn mowers from the Grasshopper company. These lawn mowers have dual swing, and can be operated with diesel. The mowers are equipped with advanced mowing technologies such as dual hydrostatic drive mechanism for smoother functioning. The design of this mower also has a 4X rear discharging system so that clippings do not obstruct the engine.

Apart from producing mowers, the company also offers several other equipments useful in mowing and maintaining lawns and turfs. These include Powervac collection systems, Duramax decks, and the Edge-Eze edger. Powervac systems are vacuum based systems used to collect the clippings and compact them so that they can be moved out more easily. Duramax decks blow air through the grass while mowing so that the grass stands straight and it is possible to mow evenly. The Edge-Eze edger is very effective implement for edging from any sidewalk or curb while mowing.

It is also possible to loosen the soil using the Aera-vator attachment for Grasshopper Lawn mower. Oxygen is used for loosening the soil in this add-on. Because the soil is loosened with air, the grass that grows again is healthier. Grasshopper mower can also be used for removing snow in winters. This is possible because of attachments such as blades, snow throwers, and rotary brooms offered by the Grasshopper Company. Other mowing equipment specific tools such as power fold for adjusting the height and raising the decks in lawn mowers (front mount), and quick converter system that allows the lawn mower operator to affix any of the attachment quickly are also available.

Government departments use Grasshopper Lawn mowers and other implements from the company to maintain their lawns and grounds. Professionals responsible for maintaining turf also use these equipments.